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Edison High School Lacrosse Team

Head Coach - Lou Long

Ron Wahler (#19), Ken Slusser (front row center), John Staggard, and Nick Kratz, pictured above, all went on to play lacrosse at Kean College.  Keith Greer (3rd row, directly behind Ken) went on to play lacrosse at Stockton State College. 


1981 Kean College Lacrosse Team

Head Coach: Hawley Waterman


Ron and Ken played lacrosse together at Edison High School when Ron was a sophomore and Ken was a senior. They also played together for two years at Kean College while Ron was a freshman and sophomore, and Ken was a junior and senior.  Then in 1994, Ron and Ken paired up once again to coach lacrosse at Edison High School. Ron's image is highlighted above towards the top right, while Ken's image is highlighted towards bottom left.


Five of the players pictured above are graduates of Edison HIgh School.  In 1980, Kean's Lacrosse Team won its Conference Championship.  Three of the starting players were graduates of EHS.  


Ken Slusser

Played 3 years of lacrosse and football at Edison High School. While at Kean, 4 years of lacrosse and 3 years of football.

Co-Captain of EHS lacrosse in 1978.  Co-Captain of Kean lacrosse in 1981 and 1982, Co-Captain of Kean football in 1982. Head Coach of EHS lacrosse for 5 years from 1994 to 1998. Assistant Coach of EHS football from 1990 to 1995.


Additional Coaches:


Keith Greer

(pictured above)


Played 3 years of lacrosse at Edison High School and 4 years of lacrosse at Stockton University.

Ron Wahler

Ron is currently the Head Coach of the Edison High School Boys' Lacrosse Team.  He played 3 years of lacrosse at Edison High School and 4 years at Kean College.  Captain of EHS lacrosse in 1980. Captain of Kean College lacrosse in 1984.  Coached lacrosse for 10 years at EHS from 1988 to 1997.


Additional Coaches:


Joe Fresnedo

Brian Castles




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